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Technology Services

Businesses today have the choice of so many different technology interventions but never have the risks associated with the wrong choice been as great. In today’s supply chain environment - where the number of stakeholders is ever increasing - organisations want to ensure that their network partners not only have the skills and ability to leverage information technology in a world class, practical and sustainable manner, but also the vision and capability to drive technology–led improvement through the whole supply chain.

What sets Imperial Logistics apart is our ability to design, build and implement powerful technology solutions that deliver real, measurable value. Working with our business partners and clients, we provide solutions that enable end-to-end customer service beyond expectation. We give our clients a competitive advantage in their supply chains, with efficient and effective planning and operations based on solid IT infrastructure, to drive down total supply chain cost.

Our main focus areas are:

Supply chain transparency and traceability.
Business to business collaboration, facilitating the flow of information and processes between stakeholders in the supply chain.
Unique supply chain technology point solutions focusing on planning, operations, procurement, asset centric management and more, combining and leveraging the technology investments of the client.
Modelling and analysis solutions to provide insight for key supply chain decisions.
Imperial Logistics’ reputation as a leader in the application of information technology in the supply chain is reflected in a growing list of industry awards, as well as accolades from clients who have reaped tangible value through their partnerships with us.