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As an employer, supplier, client, taxpayer and investment, Imperial ranks among South Africa’s larger companies, with a direct or indirect impact on tens of thousands of lives in our operations around the world. We are mindful that the effects of our commercial activities on broader society are potentially significant and we strive at all times to exercise due care in our dealings with stakeholders. We therefore subscribe to the view that corporate sustainability is founded on accountability for decisions that impact people, the planet and profits in the long term.

We know that the foundation of our performance and progress is the provision of competitively priced products and services of high quality, conducted within all laws and regulations, and to high ethical standards. But there are additional responsibilities attached to a corporation of Imperial’s size and reach. As part of its commitment to enhance its reputation as an active corporate citizen, the group continues to focus on education, road safety, healthcare and reducing its environmental impact.

Taking into consideration the nature of our business, the most significant opportunities for minimising our environmental and business footprint include:

  • Reducing the consumption of water, particularly in water scarce areas such as South Africa.
  • Reducing electricity consumption.
  • The safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, which is recycled or re-used where possible.