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Managed Logistics

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Logistics management is that part of the supply chain which plans, implements and controls the efficient and effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods - between the point of origin and the point of consumption. It is an integrating function, which aims to co-ordinate and optimise logistics activities. At Imperial Logistics, we like to refer to this function as ‘Managed Logistics’.

Our approach to managed logistics is shaped by our belief that it should not be the product of owned assets – because of the financial and capacity restraints of owned assets. One of our key differentiators, therefore, in our managed logistics service offering, is our ability to procure logistics service providers (LSPs) of choice, and to combine and then package their separate service offerings into one service. We enhance this by leveraging our resources, our expertise, our people, our experience and best of breed technologies. The end result is our leading logistics service – Imperial Managed Logistics.

Through our managed logistics approach, we – and our customers – are not constrained by an individual LSPs capacity, costing and network. We are able to source market related prices across LSPs, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate peak demand periods. Our ability to leverage the Imperial Logistics Group’s substantial preferential buying power - to allow our preferred LSPs to reduce their cost base structures – also translates into significant benefits for our customers.

Also setting us apart from competitors is our proven track record, our knowledge, experience and reputation - gained over more than 37 years of moving large load volumes and managing various service providers. It ensures peace of mind for new and existing customers.

Our skilled, knowledgeable and motivated people are supported by leading operational systems and best-of-breed information technology.

The scale of our network footprint is vast, as a result of our large blue-chip client base. Our operations today span 18 African countries.

Imperial Logistics is passionate about driving business improvement, and our ability to drive client competitiveness is founded on several cornerstones in our managed logistics offering, including scalability and a trusted service offering that allows our clients to focus on improving and growing their core business. The scale and balance of our network also affords our clients larger choice and greater market potential, while our dedicated focus on continuous improvement initiatives ensures that they realise any potential savings.