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Evolving in the South African market to retain our market leadership              

Imperial Logistics began over 40 years ago, providing transportation services with a fleet of trucks and it is still the largest transportation management company in southern Africa. We now own more than 5 500 vehicles. We remain proud of this achievement and transportation continues to be a key part of our business.

We are also the premier warehousing and distribution company in sub-Saharan Africa - running our own dedicated warehouses, operating warehouses on behalf of clients and offering multi-principal warehousing.  The last of these offers huge synergies to customers as they reap the benefits of scale. As our clients increasingly take control of their inbound supply chains, we are further expanding these service offerings to include inbound supply chain management.

Today, Imperial Logistics is a specialised provider of customised outsource services - working tirelessly to ensure the relevance and competitiveness of our clients in the markets in which we participate. With an eye to growing sustainable revenue, achieving targeted returns and evolving our organisational capabilities, we provide leading logistics and supply chain management services - not based on physical assets - and encompassing value-add logistics, supply chain management and route to market solutions. Leveraging people, processes and technology capabilities, we apply a thorough understanding of our clients’ logistics needs to build customised, holistic, value-driven solutions.

Building integrated specialist capabilities in a highly competitive European market

In the European market, Imperial Logistics is synonymous with a premium service provider. A specialist who has a high degree of integration capability. Imperial Logistics regards itself as an “integrated specialist” that can fully immerse itself in completely different sectors thanks to its industry experience. And that can deliver great problem-solving expertise for individual challenging tasks. Imperial Logistics has acquired special skills in key industries such as automotive and chemical industries, engineering and plant construction and the consumer goods industry. The knowledge which we have in one of these sectors can be transferred to other industries.

Expanding into Sub-Saharan Africa to serve increasing consumer demand

Our burgeoning African footprint is testament to our strategy of assisting clients in benefiting from the mass consumerisation of Africa - working alongside them in executing their plans to enter into and grow within the regional clusters of the sub-Saharan African market. We minimize the risk and complexity of doing business in Africa through our unrivalled understanding of the dynamic and ever expanding demands of the African consumer, as well as a profound comprehension of the continent’s unique challenges. Extensive and longstanding local expertise and experience - developed over a number of years through our hands on approach - enables us to competently configure clients’ route to market strategies.

Strategic development is focused on CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and Healthcare portfolios - augmented by our diverse experience and expansive capabilities that extend from procurement to brand activation, and include all the logistics services in between.  Imperial Logistics’ distributor capabilities, strengthened with order-to-cash and merchandising services, are thus combined with brand activation and promotion capabilities to offer demand-driven route-to-market solutions to leading consumer brand owners. With a focus on “feet on the ground”, we have the ability to add significant value to our clients’ brands - whilst contributing to employment creation, training and skills development across Africa. These demand-driven route-to-market solutions capabilities complement the more traditional logistics services of transport and distribution, which remain at the core of our outsourcing services.

Driving client competitiveness and ensuring ongoing relevance

In this unforgiving economic climate, competitive advantages which give a company an edge over its rivals are progressively more difficult to cultivate and sustain. Brilliance in integrated supply chain management is undeniably one such competitive advantage. Unfortunately, for many companies this remains an untapped source of value creation and organisational transformation. Working alongside our clients to manage and mitigate ever increasing cost, complexity and risk, Imperial Logistics is uniquely placed to partner companies in leveraging the value inherent in their supply chain. By positioning ourselves as an extension of a customer’s business - building our customer’s brand alongside our own - we are collaborators in unlocking the competitive advantage contained in their complex and dynamic logistics environments.
The structure of our business means that we are in a position to optimise the benefits, scale and synergies that are derived from large businesses, while retaining agility, customer focus and an entrepreneurial flair that characterises smaller businesses.  As a result of this journey, Imperial Logistics has been established as a successful portfolio of multi-regional diversified logistics capabilities.  With revenue of R55 billion p.a., split across three major regions, Imperial Logistics is recognised as part of the Top 25 Logistics Service Providers in the world.