• The terms ‘electronic data’ and ‘information technology’ are not generally associated with Africa’s struggling and under resourced public healthcare systems, where challenges abound and are exacerbated by paper records, manual processes, labour intensive administration and poor quality data. In
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development is about sustainably growing SME’s in the value chain to foster job creation and economic growth. The development of small business within all sectors will allow for their inclusion into the mainstream economy and the acceleration of economic growth and community
  • Adding impetus to its drive to boost delivery in South Africa’s stretched and under resourced public healthcare system, Imperial Health Sciences is contributing to a project that is funding 100 medical students from historically underserved rural communities. Imperial Logistics is a founding
  • To date, 650 schools have formed part of the Scholar Patrol Improvement Project IMPERIAL Road Safety today announced the addition of the 650th school to join its IMPERIAL Scholar Patrol Improvement Project at Craighall Primary School in Craighall Park. Aimed at educating teachers and scholars

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