• Revenue growth of 22% over the last six months from R10.9 to R13.3 billion along with a 23% increase in operating profit, bear testament to Imperial Logistics’ ability to maintain momentum in the face of testing economic times. Expanding on the logistics and supply chain leader’s interim results,
  • Imperial Health Sciences was a sponsor of the second international “People that Deliver” conference, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is co-hosted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). This event helps countries to plan, finance, develop, support and retain the national
  • A three-year contract for transport and logistics services has been awarded to Imperial Logistics by South Africa’s leading tobacco manufacturer, British American Tobacco (BAT) South Africa. Supply chain and logistics leader Imperial will act as a single point of contact to execute, manage the
  • An effective supply chain model established by Imperial Health Sciences to get essential medicines to the people of Malawi has successfully achieved this goal, and, in addition, it has resulted in the growth and development of a local logistics service provider. The problem Imperial Health Sciences

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